Why Choose Us?

  • Patient convenience
  • Expertise and experience in Head and Neck conditions
  • Multi-disciplinary team approach (Surgery, Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, Radiology, Pathology, Speech and Swallow Therapy, Intensive Care, Wound Care Specialists)

Latest technology and evidenced-based treatment: Patients are treated by experienced specialists who offer access to the latest treatment for head and neck disorders. For example: micro-vascular surgery, 3D printed bio-modelling, VMAT radiotherapy, SPECT-CT and PET CT.

Facilities and functions: MercyAscot is the largest private hospital provider in New Zealand. We have an on-site Intensive Care Unit and an inpatient ward that focuses on post-operative care for head and neck patients.

Rehabilitation: Every patient is provided with a personalised rehabilitation plan to maximise their post-treatment quality of life. This can involve a speech and swallowing plan, physiotherapy, dental and oral prosthodontics.

Innovative, patient-centric practice:The MercyAscot Head and Neck Service offers a one-stop diagnostic Neck Lump Clinic. The objective of this clinic is to perform complete neck lump assessment at a single clinic visit, thereby minimising treatment delay for patients. 

Benefits to patients

> One 45 minute appointment
> A multidisciplinary team at every clinic:

  • Radiologists
  • Pathologist
  • Head and Neck Surgeon

> Comprehensive service

  • Ultrasound assessment (neck and thyroid)
  • Immediate ultrasound guided Fine Needle Aspirate biopsy performed if indicated
  • Immediate biopsy assessment where required
  • Clinical assessment, explanation of test results and treatment planning

The Neck Lump Clinic team is proud of the levels of service they are able to offer. this service provides and excellent standard of care meeting international best practice.1, 2

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1. Guidance on Cancer Services: Improving outcomes in head and neck cancer
- the manual. Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), Nov 2004.
(Available online: www.nice.org.ok/Guidance/CSGHN/Evidence)

2. Porter, M. What is Value in Healthcare? N Engl J Med, 2010; 363:2477-2481 

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