Sterilising Unit Technician Certification

MercyAscot is dedicated to training and developing staff to allow them to reach their potential, that's why MercyAscot sponsors Sterilising Unit Assistants to sit their Sterilising Unit Technician Certification.

The Certificate in Sterilising Technology programme teaches unit assistants internationally recognised sterilisation procedures. It provides training and assessment in the decontamination and sterilisation of instruments, equipment or materials for health purposes.

The Certificate in Sterilising is run by the Open Polytechnic of New Zealand and consists of both on the job training and a 16 week extramural course. On successful completion of the certificate individuals will be able to:

  • Describe the principles of infection control
  • Demonstrate safe work practices related to the transportation and handling of contaminated instruments and materials
  • Demonstrate correct cleaning methods for selected instruments and equipment
  • Select and apply correct decontamination methods for specific instruments, equipment and materials
  • Package supplies for sterilisation to required workplace standards
  • Load and unload sterilisers in accordance with manufacturer's instructions
  • Maintain safe storage of sterile supplies
  • Explain and demonstrate processes for monitoring and testing sterilisers
  • Describe and apply workplace policies regarding sterilisation practice
  • Identify and describe New Zealand standards related to cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation
  • Adhere to best practice for pre-sterilisation, during sterilisation and post-sterilisation processes.

The certificate is a qualification recognised by the New Zealand Sterile Services Association and is therefore transferable throughout both New Zealand and Australia. Once qualified sterilising unit personnel can be employed as Sterilising Unit Technicians and have the opportunity to continue their education to further increase their sterilising knowledge.

Register your Interest:

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