Trainee Anaesthetic Technician Programme


MercyAscot is one of New Zealand's largest private surgical facilitie with 22 theatres across three sites including an Intensive Care Unit and Coronary Care facilities. Specialties at MercyAscot include orthopaedics, general surgery, neurosurgery, urology, paediatrics, gynaecology, plastics and cardiothoracic specialties.

Trainee Anaesthetic Technicians can expect a flexible programme designed to meet individual needs as well as supporting the consolidation of knowledge and skills in anaesthetic assistance.

Why MercyAscot?

MercyAscot will provide the ideal environment for the Trainee Anaesthetic Technician who is interested in developing confidence and experience in the anaesthetic setting. Working in an elective facility which offers a diverse range of anaesthetic procedures across many specialties has the advantage of providing a controlled clinical learning environment.

Programme Duration

The Programme is of 3 years duration and Trainee Technicians are employed under the MercyAscot Collective Employment Agreement .

Clinical Placements

Placements will be available at both the Mercy Operating Rooms or Ascot Operating Rooms with the possibility of placements within Auckland Region DHBs for specialties not covered at MercyAscot.

Support will be provided by a comprehensive orientation package, skilled preceptorship from the Anaesthetic Technician Educator, Anaesthetic Technician Team Leaders and experienced, committed technicians on both sites who provide an excellent standard of anaesthetic assistance.


To train and become registered as a NZ Anaesthetic Technician, specific requirements from two organisations must be met:

1. Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

Successful completion of the clinical and theoretical programme to attain the Diploma of Applied Sciences (Anaesthetic Technology).

2. New Zealand Anaesthetic Technicians' Society (NZATS)

Completion of required clinical hours in training, a 'Pass' in the final NZATS Exit examination and completion of the Diploma (as above).

All trainees will commence their training under the direction of a supervisor of training or their appointee. Trainees will participate in an introductory course to the operating theatre environment and the science of anaesthesia. On completion of the introductory course, trainees will be placed with designated preceptors to further understand the expectations and requirements of the role. Throughout the training programme the trainee will meet with the supervisor of training or appointee to evaluate and monitor progress.

The AUT provides theoretical and clinical learning programmes in distance learning modules. The modules are components of the Bachelor of Applied Science programme.

Diploma outline

  Semester 1 Semester 2
Year 1 Anaesthesia 1
Human Anatomy & Physiology
Anaesthesia 1
Human Anatomy & Physiology
Year 2 Anaesthesia 2 Biophysics
Year 3 Anaesthesia 3 Anaesthesia 4


Year 1  Anaesthetic Technology I:  A record of 1 year's clinical hours including tasks, competencies and assessments completed throughout the year.
Year 2 Anaesthetic Technology II:  A record of 1 year's clinical hours including assistance in a range of surgical specialties, confirmation of assessments and completion of a 2 day Airway Managements and Emergency Resucitation programme for anaesthetic technicians.


Pre-requisites for the Diploma are

  • Level 2 NCEA in Physics or AUT Biophysics Level 2 (or equivalent)
  • Level 3 NCEA in Biology or AUT Human Anatomy & Physiology Level 3 (or equivalent)


NZATS Requirements

 i) Trainee's must complete the following clinical hours:

  • 3 years or 6,240 hours
  • 2 years or 4,160 hours if an enrolled nurse (or with previous relevant clinical experience as approved by NZATS)
  • 18 months or 2080 hours if a registered nurse with a degree

ii) Completion of the Diploma requirements

iii) A 'Pass' in the NZATS exit examination at the end of year 3

iv) NZATS Registration (during training)


What Else Does MercyAscot Offer?

  • On site free parking for staff
  • A supportive environment
  • 10 days sick leave per year
  • Flexible rostering
  • Well equipped facilities
  • Financial assistance with ongoing education


Are You Eligible to Apply?

 In order to be eligible to apply for the position of Trainee Anaesthetic Technician you will require:

  • NZ Citizenship or Permanent Residency.
  • Be able to enroll with the Auckland University of Technology
  • Excellent command of both verbal and written English
  • NCEA Level 3 qualification (or AUT equivalent). in Biology and either physics or mathematics.


Register your Interest:

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