MercyAscot Candidate Care Programme

MercyAscot understands that taking the next step in your career involves making some important decisions. As an employer, we care about our team and really want to help everyone reach their full potential in their career with us.

MercyAscot therefore undertakes the following commitment to make the process of selecting and recruiting for each role as straightforward, interactive and as open as we can.

This means that you can expect us to:

  • Give you a realistic idea of the position you are applying for, the department and the company as a whole
  • Follow a simple and clear process to select and recruit for the role
  • Acknowledge your application promptly
  • Communicate with you clearly. This includes updating you regularly on the progress we are making with your application and replying to any questions
  • Treat your application confidentially and impartially
  • Treat you with respect at all times.
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