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Children's Workers at MercyAscot

The Vulnerable Children Act 2014 has introduced a number of measures to keep our children safe, including standard safety checking for paid staff in the government-funded children's workforce and new requirements for government agencies and their funded providers to have child protection policies. As MercyAscot undertakes work on behalf of ACC, and at times the DHB's, MercyAscot is compliant with the Vulnerable Children Act and commits to improving the safety of all children.

The following positions are classified as Children's Workers at MercyAscot, and any new appointments to these positions will therefore require a Worker Safety Check, prior to commencing employment, and will be periodically checked thereafter:

  • All Registered & Enrolled Nurses, including Charge Nurses and Nurse Educators
  • Duty Managers and Clinical Nurse Advisors
  • All Anaesthetic Technician positions
  • Healthcare and Ward Assistants
  • Perioperative Assistants and Theatre Assistants
  • Medical Officers
  • Clinical Pharmacists, Pharmacists and Dietitians
  • Clinical Support Assistants and Inpatient Receptionists

To find out more information on the definition of a Children's Worker, please click here.

Children's Worker safety check

To complete the requirements of a Worker Safety Check we must:

  • Verify a potential worker's identity
  • Ask specific questions during interviews that relate to contact with children
  • Obtain and consider the candidate's work history
  • Ask specific questions during the reference checking process that relate to contact with children
  • Seek information from any relevant professional organisation or registration body (holding the appropriate Registration/APC for your position will meet this requirement).
  • Obtain and consider information from a NZ Police Vetting report (or, for candidates who have lived overseas in the last 10 years, obtain a copy of a police certificate.  See below for further information for international candidates).

Police Vetting Report

As part of the recruitment process, all candidates applying for a Children's Worker position (as listed above) will be asked to provide written consent for MercyAscot to undertake Police Vetting prior to any offer of employment being made. Please note however, the actual Police Vetting process is only undertaken with our preferred candidate, and should consent not be granted to obtain a Police Vet, any offer of employment would then be withdrawn.  MercyAscot is unable to employ any candidates in a Children's Worker position without a Police Vetting report.

What is Police Vetting?

"Police Vetting" means the collection of information held by the New Zealand Police about a person and includes information held by the Ministry of Justice (and accessed by the New Zealand Police in terms of the Privacy Act 1993) in respect of that person's criminal convictions. The term "Police Vetting" is also applicable as appropriate to overseas Police and criminal history checks when required.

Police Vetting (including criminal history checks) are undertaken directly through New Zealand Police. Further detail about the type of information obtained by a Police Vetting check can be viewed at

NOTE:You are not required to disclose any convictions that you are eligible to conceal under the provisions of the Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004. It is your responsibility to determine if you are eligible to conceal any conviction. To find if you may be eligible please go to this website:

Overseas Police Certificates

All candidates who have lived overseas (regardless of whether you are a NZ Citizen or Resident), may be required to provide copies of police certificates from your country of citizenship, and from any country where you have lived for one (1) or more years within the last ten (10) years. 

Should you be unable to obtain a police certificate from the country/s relevant to you, evidence of your attempt to obtain this information may be required.  A statutory declaration confirming you do not have any overseas criminal convictions will also be required, should you be unable to obtain police certificates as applicable to you.


If you are able to provide evidence that you registered with the Nursing Council New Zealand after 1 July 2015, and/or are able to provide evidence of a Police Vet undertaken by another organisation in the last 3 years (along with the result and the date the vet was undertaken), then you may be exempt from having to undergo another Police Vet at this time.  


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