Children's Worker Definition

A children's worker is defined as:

"Someone whose work may or does involve regular or overnight contact with a child or children; and this takes place without a parent or guardian of the child, or of each child, being present"

  • Regular or overnight means: at least once a week; or on at least 4 days each month, or overnight.
  • Contact means any of: physical, verbal communication or via electronic communication

The threshold for a role being deemed a Children's Worker is quite low, which means it applies to many positions across MercyAscot, both clinical and non-clinical, even though MercyAscot do not presently provide child health specific services.

An additional requirement under the Act is to decide if a Children's Worker position is "Core" or "Non-Core".

A Core Children's Worker is defined as:

A Children's Workers whose work requires or allows them to be:

  • The only Children's Worker present;or
  • The Children's Worker who has primary responsibility for, or authority over, the child or the children present

Only one of these criteria needs to be applicable for a position to be deemed a Core Children's Worker.

To find out more information on the Vulnerable Children Act 2014 go to this website:

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