Working in New Zealand

Overseas Health Professionals are well respected and desired within the New Zealand health system. New Zealand is a popular destination for workers from many countries, so candidates can be reassured there are other people in the organisation in the same situation.

The main thing that candidates need to arrange when making the decision to live and work in New Zealand is immigration requirements and New Zealand registration requirements for clinical roles.

Work Visas

Work Visas are issued to all applicants living outside New Zealand, and are converted to Permits at passport control when you enter New Zealand. They tend to expire after either one or two years and therefore are perfect for people planning to stay for that period of time. If you do decide you want to stay for a longer period, you can work towards Residency whilst in New Zealand on a work permit. This permit takes around one month to process, once you have all documentation into the New Zealand High Commission.

Permanent Residency

Permanent Residency allows people to reside in NZ and work for an indefinite period of time. This is the one for you if you are committed to making NZ your home! To apply for this, you start by completing an EOI (Expression Of Interest) to the New Zealand Immigration Department.

New Zealand Authorities (Professional Registration)

Each different health professional category has their own governing authority that is responsible for ensuring your training, qualification and employment history will allow you to practise effectively in New Zealand. Most of these authorities are contactable via the internet and you can apply online in most cases too.

The time it takes to get New Zealand registration will depend on your professional qualifications, experience, the completing of the documents as evidence and your IELTs result. Realistically, this may take anywhere from six weeks to six months, but we can help you with who to contact and how to get through the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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