Before Your Admission

Please read your 'All you need to know about your stay at  Mercy or Ascot Hospital' booklet. It covers all you need to know about every step of your stay with us.  Click here to view/print our handy checklist.  Ask the friend or family member who is going to be your support person to read it too. Make sure to watch our Patient Experience video.

Registration information

There are three patient forms (Patient Registration, Patient Health Questionnaire and Consent for Operation/Procedure) for you to complete here or on pages 10-16 of the booklet.

Informed consent

Please make sure that you complete the Consent for Operation/ Procedure form together with your surgeon.

Completing the Consent form confirms you've received all the information you need to make an informed choice, and that you've agreed to your operation/procedure. It also includes consent for blood sampling, in the event of a MercyAscot employee receiving a needle stick injury or other blood accident during your operation/procedure. 

Patient registration

Please complete all the questions on the Patient Registration form, including any insurance or payment details ie. private health insurance, self-insured, ACC or DHB contract details.

Prior approval

If you have private health insurance, please get approval from your health insurance company before your operation/procedure to ensure you are clear on what is and isn't covered under your policy. 

Your insurance company will give you a 'Prior Approval Number', which should be included on your Patient Registration form.  Please bring your Prior Approval letter with you to hospital.

Health questionnaire

Please complete all the questions on the Patient Health Questionnaire.

Send us your forms

Please send the completed forms straight away to Customer Support at either Mercy or Ascot Hospital, in one of the following ways:

Mercy Hospital:

  • In person to Reception:  98 Mountain Road, Epsom (open 6am - 9pm Monday to Friday, 6am-8pm Saturday, 8am-8pm Sunday
  • Courier to Reception
  • Scan and email:
  • Fax:  09 623 5701
  • Post using the enclosed reply-paid envelope: Mercy Hospital, PO Box 9911, Newmarket, Auckland 1149

Ascot Hospital:

  • In person to Reception: 90 Greenlane Road East, Remuera (open 6am-5pm Monday to Friday, 6am - 6pm Saturday, 8am -6pm Sunday
  • Courier to Reception
  • Scan and email:
  • Fax: 09 520 9508
  • Post using the enclosed reply-paid envelope: Ascot Hospital, Private Bag, Remuera, Auckland 1051

The forms must be received by Mercy or Ascot Hospital at least ONE WEEK before your proposed admission date. Please ensure you allow at least TWO WEEKS for postage as this service is slow. 

Returning this information in advance means we can better plan for your surgery and confirm all your relevant health details.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly by calling Mercy Hospital 09 623 5700 or Ascot Hospital on 09 520 9500 or if emailing or faxing, please remember to bring the original forms with you on your admission to hospital.


Your surgeon will have given you a leaflet about anaesthetics. Before admission, your anaesthetist may call you to talk about your current health and any anaesthetic-related questions.

Contact from the hospital

To help you be completely prepared for your operation/procedure you may:

  • Receive a phone call from one of our Pre-Admission nurses to clarify the information you provided on your Patient Health Questionnaire. This will depend on your planned surgery and/or your medical history
  • Be invited to attend a Pre-Admission appointment where the nurses will co-ordinate your admission preparation. You may also meet one of our Customer Support team at this time to discuss your hospital charges and health insurance cover/payment.


Patients without prior approval will be requested to pay the total estimated hospital costs on admission, and pay a balance of payment after your discharge. Please see "Your account" page of this website for more information.

So that you're aware of any payment or possible balance of payment, and so we can give you an estimate of  our costs, please call:

Mercy Hospital:

Customer Support on 09 623 6833 extn 28460 or email:

Ascot Hospital:

Customer Support on 09 520 9500 extn 69134 or email:    

Information about your regular medications 

We're committed to providing the safest and highest quality care possible.  To make sure this is always the case, we need accurate information about the medications you take at home. Ask your family doctor to give you a list of your current medications to bring with you. 

Herbal medications and dietary supplements

Herbal medications and dietary supplements can interact with the drugs we may prescribe you. We recommend that wherever possible you stop taking them at least one week before your operation.

Planning for your discharge

Your surgeon will let you know if he/she thinks you'll need extra support when you leave hospital. This might be a home nursing or rehabilitation service - especially if you live alone. These services need to be arranged through the surgeon's rooms before your admission.

For your safety and wellbeing you will not be allowed to drive for 24 hours after your operation/procedure, and someone should be at home with you when you leave hospital. Please discuss this with your surgeon or family doctor prior to surgery.

Any questions

We're here to help.  If you have any questions at all about the admission process, forms or costs, our Customer Support staff will be happy to assist you on Mercy Hospital 09 623 6833 extn 28460, or Ascot Hospital 09 520 9500 extn. 69134.

View the 'Before your Admission' Checklist

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