On the Day of your Admission

Your surgeon's instructions

It's important to follow any pre-surgery instructions from your surgeon, especially any around medication or fasting (no eating or chewing).

Please also have a bath or shower, and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

What to bring with you:

  • Your Patient Information folder and booklet
  • If you emailed or faxed your forms, bring the original forms with you
  • Any Prior Approval letter from your health insurer
  • All the medications that you're currently taking including tablets, liquids, creams, eye drops, inhalers, patches and any medications you have bought from a pharmacy, supermarket or health food store eg. herbal and dietary
    supplements.  This helps guarantee your medications are available when you need them, and your operation/procedure isn't interrupted. It also helps your specialist review your regular medications accurately from your drug chart and prescribe any new medications, and the clinical pharmacist can make sure any new medications don't interact negatively with your current medications:

Please bring the medications in their original packs with the pharmacy label on them.  Do not bring loose strips of medication or medications that have been transferred into another container.

If you use a tablet organiser/box, please bring in the original packs that contained the medications.

If you have a list of your medication from your family doctor, bring this with you too. 

  • A current form of ID
  • Any relevant X-rays, CT or MRI scans (including CDs) and reports, test results, pathology reports, or any letters or reports from your surgeon, family doctor or another hospital
  • Prescription Subsidy Card
  • Any mobility aids/crutches/equipment (ie. CPAP machine) that you are currently using, reading glasses, hearing aids, and their cases
  • Reading material, or something to do while you're in the waiting area or resting in recovery

Overnight patients

If you're staying with us overnight or longer, you should also bring:

  • Something suitable to wear to bed, eg. a comfortable nightie or pyjamas
  • A dressing gown
  • Comfortable daywear
  • Slippers/footwear
  • Personal toiletries

Please DO NOT:

  • Smoke or drink alcohol 24 hours prior to admission
  • Wear make-up, nail polish, jewellery or body piercing (you can wear your wedding ring)
  • Bring any valuables, jewellery or large amounts of luggage as we do not accept liability for any items brought to hospital

On arrival at hospital

When you arrive please report to Reception. We'll check your personal details and your payment or insurance details, after which you'll be collected by the Admissions Unit staff. In the Admissions Unit you will meet one of the nurses who will be caring for you. 

Anaesthetic consent

While you're being admitted, your anaesthetist will visit you to talk about the anaesthetic procedure and get your written consent for anaesthesia (and for blood products if required).

  • There may be a wait between your arrival and your operation/procedure - this is so our staff can prepare you for surgery, and leaves time for the consultation with your anaesthetist and surgeon.



Mercyascot is a smoke-free organisation, and both Mercy and Ascot Hospitals are smoke-free buildings.

The inpatient suite:

Mercy Hospital

Ascot Hospital

Phone calls

Staying in touch with loved ones is important for your wellbeing. You can use your mobile phones to make calls in every area of the hospital except for the operating theatre area, the Intensive Care Unit, or any area specifically designated for cardiac services. Family and friends are also welcome to call you using our direct dial facility (phone Mercy Hospital 09 623 6833 followed by the room's extension number).  Ascot Hospital 09 520 9505 then 699 plus the patient's room number).

The usual charges apply for calls made from your room to mobile phones and for toll calls.

Free WiFi services

Stay connected with our free WiFi services, which are available throughout the hospital. Passwords are available from the ward reception and Customer Support staff.


Nutritious and delicious meals are produced with care every day by our catering team. You will be asked to select from the varied menu each morning. To make sure they enhance your health and your experience with us, the meals are designed in consultation with a dietitian.

You can take a look at a range of our current menus as listed below. Your meals may be different from these, dependent on your operation/procedure

If you require a special diet, please let us know as soon as possible - we're happy to oblige.

Wine is available with all of our main meals if your operation/ procedure permits it.

Meal times are (approximately): Breakfast 8am; Lunch midday; Dinner 6pm.

Regular MercyAscot Menu
Light MercyAscot Menu
Gluten Free MercyAscot Menu
Cardiac MercyAscot Menu
Diabetic MercyAscot Menu

Your regular medications

On admission your nurse will talk to you about your regular medications and when you take them. He/she will then store them away safely for you, and bring you each dose as they need to be taken.

We do this because the effects of the anaesthetic and pain relievers can make you drowsy or unwell, so your ability to self-medicate properly is reduced. It's just a little detail to keep you extra safe.

Children under 16

We welcome visits by children prior to their surgery date - this allows them to familiarise themselves with the surroundings, so they're more at ease when they're admitted. Sometimes bringing their favourite toy during this visit can help too.

We will happily arrange for a parent or caregiver to 'room in' with a child patient.  Please check with Customer Support staff before the child's admission, to see if any additional charges apply.


Contact with friends and family can be an important part of your emotional wellbeing as you recuperate. Our visiting hours are 11am-8pm. If you have visiting needs outside these hours, please discuss the details with a charge nurse.

Your visitors need to check in with reception on the ward before going to your room; so we can make sure you're ready to receive them.

Children are welcome to visit but they must be with adults at all times. We recommend that children under the age of five only visit for a short period of time.

If you'd like to have a meal with a family member or friend, we welcome your visitors to dine with you by arrangement. There is a small fee for visitors' meals.

Visitors to patients in Intensive Care, the High Dependency Units or Cardiac Ward

Because of the specialised care required by patients in the High Dependency Unit (HDU), patients have a rest period with no visitors from 1-2pm.  Patients in the HDU can see no more than two visitors at any one time. 

Children under 12 are not permitted to visit this unit without first getting approval from the charge nurse.



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