Preparing for Surgery

Your nurse will carefully explain and carry out any pre-surgery preparation.  If you have any questions or concerns, please raise these with your nurse, who will do everything he/she can to put you at ease. 

Eating and drinking
In most cases you will not be allowed food or drink for at least six hours prior to surgery, however this must be discussed with your specialist. If you have any questions about these issues and the taking of medication, please discuss these with your specialist.

Before surgery your anaesthetist will visit you to discuss the anaesthetic procedure, and obtain your written consent for anaesthesia and for blood products should they be required. You must not drive a car within 24 hours of having a general anaesthetic.

After your Surgery
After surgery, we'll transfer you to one of our surgical wards.  Here you will be looked after by a team of registered nurses who are highly skilled in the type of aftercare your operation/procedure requires.  Together with your surgeon and anaesthetist, they'll work to make your recovery as smooth as possible. 

In some cases after surgery it may be necessary for you to see a dietitian to discuss dietary options that will assist in your recovery.

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